In search of NEOWISE

Last few months of continued restrictions for COVID-19 brought frustration to nature lovers. Restriction and closure of the national and provincial reserves along with very limited options to move around seems to be a recipe for a very boring and long year.

Nomad of the Sky

Contrary to the depressing situation around, the summer in Ontario provided great options to the night sky watchers and photographers. Night sky definitely ruptured the clout of boredom of the trying times – splendid milky way spanning the night sky, the great Buck Moonrise and the annual meteor showers. But this year a new visitor to our solar system definitely stole the show – NEOWISE comet.

Month of July gave me a few opportunities to view the comet. With less options to move around, the images are from visiting a nearby dark sky reserve and shooting the comet from nearby countryside, sometimes parking the car somewhere dark by the side of some country roads.

Nomad of the Sky

Nomad in the sky


  Neowise Comet

Glimpse of the comet in a stormy night


NEOWISE with a setting moon

NEOWISE with crescent moon


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