Looking back at 2019



While checking my photo collection from 2019, there are a melange of shots in and around Toronto. Most are from day trips to explore nearby areas. Also a good proportion of shots are random clicks in my backyard.

Here are five images that are either memorable while shooting or loved the final output after post-processing.

Queen of the sky by Pradipta Basu on 500px.com

There is a different level of satisfaction when something nice is captured at night. The pleasure is doubled when it is achieved in harsh Canadian Winter. It was very gratifying framing the Blood Red Wolf Moon in freezing temperatures of January.


Hay Bales at sunset by Pradipta Basu on 500px.com

I was looking for a nice Hay Bales shot for a long time. Tried a few over the years but never got something satisfying. Sometimes we don’t need to go far for nice landscapes. This pleasant sunset captured with the bales was shot very close to my home.


Cheltenham Badlands now has very restricted access. Photography is definitely not easy with over-pouring tourists in a small access area. With not very much area to maneuver, I tried a vertical composition with fall colours at the horizon.

Barren beauty by Pradipta Basu on 500px.com

In this picture the texture, meandering path in the mid section and the leading lines to the woods naturally draws the eyes from foreground to the fall colours in the background.


The diamond formation of Canadian Snowbirds looks amazing in Black & White.

Diamond in the sky by Pradipta Basu on 500px.com

Shot from the playground at my daughter’s school, Captain Michael Vandenbos. This picture captures the yearly show on the first day in memory of the founder of the school.


Just drive away from the city crowd, the view of fall colours can always be amazing in southern Ontario. This image was captured somewhere on the way to Renney Gorge.

Colour Palette

For more pictures from 2019 visit Collection of 2019 @ www.pradiptabasu.com


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  1. Sumit dasgupta says:

    Amazing Pradipta!!! Keep going.. 👍

    1. Pradipta says:

      Thank you Sumit

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